How Weird:

Out of the Box of Expectations

by T Newfields

Characters Prologue Words to Light Behind the Door Inexplicable Whoa there! Raven Wisdom
Normal Reality shouldification… Shit Wisdom Different Peace Diffident Pieces Invasion of Alien Lettuce Fossilized Thoughts
Alien Skin A Grammar of Identity A Paleontologist Contemplates Time Plant Dream Legends Amber Nemesis
Re-Evaluation Winged Dreams Fantasy/Reality What Ifs? Fuel for Thought Color Blind Mandala Empowerment
Perspectives Discovering Joy Through Daily Rituals Labels snake in the garden Within the Grain Links Waiting
No New Non-Sense News Through the Glass Darkly Spellbound In Memory of Spielberg Hearing the Music Wake Up Call Happiness Is?
Getting Weirder Time Loops At Issue Religions as Market Commodities Eye-denity Leonardo Warped Ideas
An Interview with Dr. Freund Transcending Boundaries Dream Circles A Fool's Laughter Dark Flower What Is 'Strange'? Kanine Kredo
What I've Learned by Observing Insects Strung Out Cocooned Inner Alchemy Engagement Azure Gloria Reach
City of Dreams Comments by ET
near Earth
Starboxes Crystal Memory Spirit Seedz Dreamscape Unmasked
Opal Heart Interview with a Mosquito To a Mosquito Transcendental Meditation Advice for Religious Hypocrites Confession Board Game
It's Weird Cock-Brained Macho Mazurka Cockroach Child Soldiers Outcasts A Devilish Concession
Infernal Exam Five Poisons Alignments Love Morph Hosanna Got 'ta get me to that Celestial Speakeasy… Epitaph for an Ex-Guru
Nexus Skeletons in Dah Closet Bitter Chocolate Sitting to Meditate Miracles D'Art Cloud Meditation Demonstering
Confronting the Bull Cowabunga Ancient Seeds Monkey Business Aperture Recipe for Joy Source Code
Cummin' Out Lightening The Lessons of One Life Paths to Knowledge Automaton Flying Instructions Dreaming Purple
Postlude CC-BY Copyright (c) 1989, 2020 by T Newfields Updated 20 Feb. 2020
(Ver. 4.24)