What I learn by observing insects

What I learn by observing insects - an art work by T Newfields
The life of a single individual seldom matters –
large population shifts do count.

Innate behavior only goes so far –
to successfully deal with changing environments,
some learning is necessary.

Social learning enables novel behaviors
to become common.

Learning capacity and fitness correlate:
healthy insects can devote more resources
to information acquisition;
stressed-out ones tend to focus on survival.

Environmental stress can shift behavior patterns
in unforeseen ways.

Imprinting goes deeper than we imagine.

There are four main commands among insects:
forage, feed, fornicate, and fight.
Is our species actually so different?

Each smell tells a story:
images can be deceiving,
but scents are harder to fake.

When ordinary instruction fails,
a waggle dance sometimes suffices.