A Paleontologist Contemplates Time - an artwork by T Newfields

Imagine our whole existence
& everything we’ve touched, heard, or seen
as a thin sediment layer
buried beneath a world
that’s forgotten us completely

Imagine ozone-depleted, amber skies
with continents in weird shapes
& coastlines where mountains once swallowed space

imagine the stars in places
no human eyes have seen
& all sandcastles of our civilization
scattered into thin layers of debris

What seem "real" and vivid today
in the twinkling of time
shall fade, fade, fade . . .
Nadia: It is sobering to realize how small and insignificant we are.
Will: That's certainly true, but it's still worth building sandcastles as if they actually mattered . . .
Wan-Sze: (musing at his wine glass) Yeah, in one sense our lives are creative works of fiction. By adopting some myths, we create self-fulfilling narratives. And storylines start to seem "real" when characters start believing in their own ridiculous fictions.