WHOA THERE! - an artwork by T Newfields

Yep, I can tell you why so many people are starving
or addictive chemicals are consumed.

I know precisely why war rages
across so many parts of our planet
or why millions of people are being screwed.

The needs of the many matter little:
what counts are the profits of the few!

In the dark night of our souls,
we've forgotten about global stewardship
or long-term sustainability,
focussing instead on short-term pay offs
accruing to the glitterati.

Nadia: (yawning) Moral lectures are boring.
Will Yep! And they are ineffectual. Very few people change their behaviors as result of lectures.
Wan-Sze: (perplexed) What will it take for us to wake up? The current course does not seem sustainable. . . .
Kasim: (half in jest, half in earnest) Well, perhaps the wrath of God might do some good!