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Happiness Is?

reflections on felicity

Les Brown: Happiness is living out your dreams.
Shankara: Happiness is never what it actually seems.
Mae West: Happiness is money ’n diamonds ’n fame.
Buddha: Happiness is calmly accepting the inevitability of pain.
Heinlein: Happiness is caring about others – not jus’ yersself.
Jimi Hendrix: Happiness is an electric guitar ’n a yelp!
Abe Lincoln: Happiness is a decision - a choice of how to be.
Tim Leary: Happiness is transcending ordinary reality.
William Reich: Happiness is warm, wet jizz.
Sigmund Freud: Happiness is a balance between superego and id.
Gandhi: Happiness is a unity between thought, speech, and deed.
Dan Gilbert: Happiness is a futile as long as there is any “you” or “me”.
Moses: Happiness is fulfilling God’s commands.
Ed Glaeser: Happiness is overrated, wouldn’t you agree?

Will: One thing is clear: our society certainly has many conflicting messages about happiness.
Wan-Sze: Yeah. Believing that happiness is the primary reason for life is almost tragicomic.
Nadia: Well, can life be reduced to a single “master narrative”?
Kasim: Some people believe so, but that belief carries a steep price.