The Lessons of a Life

Age 1 Ice cream tastes good.
Age 9 Alcohol tastes bad.
Age 11 Altered states of consciousness exist.
Age 18 Humans are hardly the most powerful beings around.
Age 20 The FBI indirectly caused my father's death – how far Big Brother extends!
Age 23 There's a healing alchemy to love.
Age 25 Observing a dead corpse closely is an excellent meditation & chance to reflect on our fate.
Age 27 One of the most precious gifts is trust.
Age 28 Falling in love is easy; staying in love takes disciplined work.
Age 48 For brief moments, we can be like gods. However, most of the time we are so utterly blind and petty.
Age 36 Shopping is a form of voting: each time you purchase something you "vote" for it and help it manifest.
Age 38 All people are story tellers: After people are convinced their story is right, it's hard for them to see alternatives.
Age 48 The whole notion of "self" is an invention: a useful myth, but fiction nonetheless.
Age 48 No human is infallible – to worship another as "enlightened" is idolatry.
Age 49 To be human means to negotiate with many selves on many levels – it's often tough and we seldom do it smoothly.
Age 51 Even after a person passes away, if you remember their love they're still with you.
Age 52 It's better to understand your enemies than to condemn them.
Age 55 Too much intellectualization cuts us off from direct experience.
Age 58 There's still so much to learn . . .
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