Some thoughts on male psychology
Cock-Brained - a graphic manipulation by T Newfields
My cock has a commentary on everything
& brain is confounded by its decrees

My intellect dresses up in finery
& dons the fashions of the day

My cock, however, offers pure simplicity:
everything is naked
& sophistry seems vain

My intellect invents multiple "reasons"
for each endeavour
concerned with logic & propriety
yet cock considers this a charade

My pernicious pugilist
ignores pretense perfectly:
it knows what it wants & how to proceed
& was hard-wired for pleasure
long before all notions of "morality"

Below the belt,
all intellectualizations becum ineffectual
& rationalisations a waste ah time

My "Little Napoleon" yearns to conquer the world
but my conscience can't comply
sensing the tiny Corsican is far too awry

Alas – each pecker must face its own Waterloo:
it's best for all nations on earth

The best place for cock-brained Napoleons
is a distant St. Helena –
far from the ordinary affairs
where ocean waves lap incessantly
& the sands of time are free from care