Farre, farre frome de kingdome 
ov de anshient lards 
ouwa pilgrim fourfaythers 
sailed in mightie vessels of beansparn 
an cain to a lande 
beautiful to beholde. 

Hits, faeld wit virgin forests, 
wits wurly wizards un ithsum witches 
of greate power who controlled 
peoples' hurts through compu-screams 

It was a wanderfool land, but violent too. 
The streets wits full of dowdy creatures 
broken bottles, 
and paper incantations 
and each night they became a zoo. 

In this land warlocks 
drove chariots of gold 
yet thits wits countless poor ones 
who lived in gutters and septic holes. 

For centuries this land 
was in the power of dark beasts 
ruled by a hypocrite's flag 
which promised liberty.
It's Weird
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Copyright (c) 1989, 2002 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.