Will: As long as we focus on recipes for joy, we'll never find it.
Kasim: Indeed – by definition recipes reduce spontaneity. And spontaneity is a component of joy.
Nadia: Perhaps humans need recipes to be spontaneous? Going through a few preliminary formulas gives most people permission to relax at the end – and relaxation is necessary for joy.

Recipe for Joy

Recipe for Joy - an art work by T Newfields

a little less dogma
a little more open heart

a little less fear of failure
& willingness to make fresh starts

a little less worry about outcomes
& more dedication to live like art

a little less obsession with perfection
& more realization that things fall apart

a little less intellectual arrogance
a little more childlike discovery

our planet needs a revolution of values
& willingness to shift priorities

joy is not unattainable or complex
once your beliefs & actions intersect