!DOCTYPE html> Starboxes: an epistemological invitation to Pandora by T Newfields


Can we ever know
the immensities from which we grow?

Can we fathom worlds
beyond the spheres in which we whirl?

Do the tiny containers
of our minds
hold memories of distant times?

Do our brief boxed-in lives
suggest hints
of something deeper we seldom find?

Starbox - an art work by T Newfields

Cross the oceans of imagination!
Unbox the boundaries of thought!

Open your heart to the cosmos
then awe at what is both pre
sent & naught.
Will: It seems like this person has read too many poems by Christopher Pearce Cranch.
Wan-Sze: Yeah. Yeah, isn't it futile to speculate about things beyond our comprehension?
Kasim: Well, maybe not. Although we may never reach any definitive answers, wrestling with questions is worthwhile.
Answers will change from age to age, but the deepest questions remain.