At Issue
At Issue
At Issue

Will: I detest this kind of moral turpitude.
Wan-Sze: Well, all morality is relative.
Will: No – at least among humans there are absolutes, but the author ignores this.
Wan-Sze: Be careful when using the word "absolute". After all, all values are inherently contextual.
Will: I disagree. Without absolute values, our moral compass is lost.
At Issue - a graphic manipulation by T Newfields At Issue

What some call "corruption"
others call opportunity.

What some consider "immoral"
others view as self-discovery.

What some label "unfair"
others see as different ways
of doing things.

The issues in life
are seldom clear-cut:
each point has many facets
and from varied perspectives
can start to seem
like any thing:
does that se
em obscure e