A Devilish Concession

So do you think that humans are angels
who have somehow lost their wings?

Do you believe our nature is basically pure,
and that virtue from our hearts naturally springs?

Look closer, my friend, at the movements of our minds:
see how easily we get mired and stuck in psychic slime.

Observe how readily anger, lust, or sloth
grab our hearts from time to time.

Notice how so many interactions
are fraught with deceit or with guile.

Is sanctity to be found in human hearts,
or are duplicity and cunning our only arts?

Nadia: Face it - we are basically devils in disguise.
Will: This whole notion of "angel" and "devil" creates an artificial bifurcation. The notion is overly simplistic, and not particularly helpful.
Wan-Sze: Yep! It's downright depressing. Makes me want to drink another beer!
Kasim: Agreed. Waiter - two large, dark Heinekens, please!