Got 'ta get me
to that Celestial
Speakeasy where the
bourbon is made of Grace . . .
Though sum day I'm a gonna piss away
in dat Great Big Urinal in dah Sky
befur Gawd klunks the Ultimate Lever
I'll act like sum proper law abidin',
church-goin' citizen who seldom spits,
drinks, err ignores traffic lights.

But I swear - if I ever make it ta Heaven
(after finishing a lengthy parole) -
dere's gon'na be one hell of a party!

I'm gonna to celebrate dis dang kreation
ta da friggin' whole!

Sum whure, I believe, dere must be
a celestial version of Jim Beam
'n place fer the Wild Turkeys ahh dah heart

Yep - sum day True Spirits Will Uncork
'n even teetotalers bubble
While Abundant Grace Pours Forth!