Dream Circles: an art work by T Newfields
Do spiders dream of butterflies
& butterflies yearn for flowers?

Do soft winds dream of fierce cyclones,
shaking skies & upturning stones?

Do stellar spirals dream of massive black holes,
with a power we'll eventually behold?

Are we connected to each other through a web of dreams?
& is reality what it outwardly seems?

We may never answer such questions
but ah—how we can dream!

Nadia: Poems like this are stupid. Meaningful questions should be answered by hard science, not idiotic poetry.
Wan-Sze: (Surprised) Wow! What sort of medication are you on today?
Nadia: Nothing – I'm simply getting tired ah empty philosophy.
Kasim: I concede that the word "dream" is overused.
Will: No, so-called reality is undervalued. (sighing, then quietly to himself) Why is it so many people doubt their own dreams?