Kasim: Perhaps to awaken one should also recognize what delusion is?
Wan-Sze: Yeah, but I'm not sure any human can actually "awaken".
Nadia: Often those who claim to be "awake" are unaware of their own delusion.
Will: No claims. No delusion. Just moment to moment . . .
Nadia: Sounds good, but how many people can actually live that way?

Five Poisons


Dream wildly and wisely –
Be bold with the visions you see!
Your passion sets destiny on fire
& creates fresh possibilities.
The future belongs to those with vision
& starts as we perceive!


Buy widely and wildly –
Purchase goods you don't need!
Your credit cards set
expectations higher
& bills are forgotten easily.
The universe was made for hungry souls:
shop eternally!


Look wily 'n drink widely –
Chat with inebriants you meet!
Discover the joys of intoxication
find bliss as you drink & wink!


Screw slyly 'n spread innuendos lightly –
B intimate with as many as you meet!
Make luv as if nothing mattered –
seek union constantly!


Rest well day & night –
eventually we all reach deep sleep.
Since nothing matters
enjoy non-doing –
drift closer and closer towards