Wan-Sze: I can't decide whether this poem is saying something profound or nothing at all.
Will: (scratching his nose) Poems don't "say" anything – the way we approach them is paramount.
Nadia: Шарлатан! Шарлатан! (coughing) Ah, I disagree. The author is attempting to say something, but recognizes no one is interested.
Kasim: (yawning) . . . I'm getting bored. Can we turn the page?
Re-Evaluation - a poem and art work by T Newfields

Men are dickheads –
or perhaps buddhas
waiting to awaken instead.

Dust covers most human hearts,
yet we also have a capacity to learn
and make fresh starts.

Humans have so much crap in their brains,
yet we also have a seed of greatness
that should not be disdained.

Each person can be seen
in so many different ways:
fool – savant,
heroic – villain,
brave – cowardly . . .
of what use is labeling?

Let us meditate
and return to our original simplicity:

Let us transform our consciousness
from a boisterous "I" –
into a more beautiful "we".