Kasim: Man, anyone doing too much web surfin' is apt to get strung out.
Nadia: (playfully doing an eubonic accent) Yeah, dude. I can hardly tell where my head is.
(now switching into her best Highland dialect) It's so close to me stinkin' arsehole!
Kasim: (enjoying the prank of accent-hopping) I knew you's full ah sheet!
Will: (smiling at the non-sense) That's okay as long as you remember where your feet are.
Strung Out / Cadrages / Alineaciones / Ausrichtungen - an art work by T Newfields

Strung Out

Yo! I's strung out on luv –
tell me – whud iz the need fer drugs?

I get so high with each breath –
tell me – who needs crystal meth?

I feel orgasmic at the core –
tell me what hallucinogens are for?

I mainstream reality directly –
ordinary drugs are fer
punks on dah street!