1. Characters
    1. Prolog
    2. Inner Warriors
    3. Set 1
    4. In Hiroshima
    5. Imagine
    6. Spheres of Influence
    7. Moral Amnesia
    8. Nuclear Winter
    9. Only a Hamburger?
    10. Game Over
    11. World Shifts
    12. One Happy Family
    13. Conundrum
    14. Target Point
    15. What Profit?
    16. Islamic Coexistence?
    17. Alt.World
    18. Peacemaking
    19. A Twisted Peace?
    20. Set 2
    21. Research
    22. Pointed Words
    23. Piecesong / Peacesong
    24. Time Out
    25. Dark Threads
    26. So Easy?
    27. Beyond Destruction
    28. $ellout / Sellout?
    29. Pigeon Talk
    30. Force of Reason
    31. Captive Planet
    32. Anyone Listening?
    33. Core Connections
    34. Guillotine
    35. Peace Circles
    36. What If?
    37. Ars Pacifica
    38. Wreath
    39. Weapons Lab
    40. War Shadows
    41. Kore Memory
    42. Slick Designs
    43. Non-Violence
    44. Bomb Construction
    45. Threads of Peace
    46. First Contact
    47. Chain Reaction
    48. Human Beans
    49. Nuclear Testing
    50. Doing Our Jobs?
    51. Nuclear Lullaby
    52. Sacrifice
    53. Namburgers
    54. Set 3
    55. CULTivation
    56. Join the Action
    57. Eco-peace?
    58. War Correspondence
    59. Indifference
    60. Pseudo-Freedom
    61. Post-Nuclear Holocost
    62. 9 Ways to Peace
    63. Careful Now
    64. WW III
    65. Apocalypse
    66. Convictions
    67. Do You Mine?
    68. Soldier in Iraq
    69. It must be Wonder Woman
    70. Last Scene
    71. At the Root of Violence:
      An Interview with Dr. Paxswell
    72. Rejectamenta
    73. Petition
    74. Final Meditation

Peace Pieces:

Reflections on Violence and Conflict Resolution

This is a collection of poems, art works, and prose about peace and conflict resolution. In 1996 I started sensing the need to write about militarism, propaganda, and prejudice while working on a collection of environmental poetry, art, and dialogs. As many persons have pointed out, violence and environmental degradation are related. So many factors are correlated! We need to examine violence closely and understand what factors foster it and how it can be constructively diffused.

It is more than a coincidence I started these poems when the Bosnia-Serbia conflict while the towards resolution while the Hutu-Tutsi conflict in Rwanda heated up. It was also a year that the U.S. spent over 300 billion dollars on its military and over 40 thousand died in various armed conflicts around the world.

Peace Pieces investigates militarism and violence and suggests some alternatives to them. At times satiric and perhaps rabid, these works explore the boundaries between polemic, poetry, and trash. Enjoy the lines, but also pause to consider, "What am I actually doing to promote peace?" If the answer is "not much" than reflect on things what you might begin to do.

Updated 21 Aug 2019 Yokohama, Japan
Creative Commons License: Attribution. {{CC-BY-4.0}}