Basically it's a matter of gravity: when

the primary lock is released a steel

blade speeds toward a point

where sharp blade & wood meet.

Any neck that happens

to be in the way is

sliced like


No matter how lovely the locks on its scalp

or how innocent the victim was

or a thousand other "ifs" . . . i matters

not . . . and today many guillotines are

being constructed to erase (and errrape)

synaptic memories . . . cutting off

unauthorized information . . . removing

undesired records . . . until only the

bland cutting board remains

If you compare the amount of energy many governments spend on death and killing with the amount they spend on promoting life, it's shameful. Yeah. Savagery is in our blood. Most governments aren't so different from corporate gangsters or terrorist units. On the surface, we may appear civilized and law-abiding, but deep-down it's amazing how savage humans are. Savagery along with cold-blooded calculation: guillotines are a good example.
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