Frida: (frowning) This poem is actually a sermon.
Ying: There's nothing interesting about the so-called poem, but the artwork is interesting.
Satoru: Reminds me of a zen rakusu ring.
Dmiritri: Yeah, waves of congruence with emptiness at the core . . .

ars pacifica
Ars Pacifica - an art work by T Newfields

We have perfected the science of killing –
What about the arts of peace?

Isn't it time to settle conflicts
so circles of violence cease?

We've demonstrated a capacity for vengeance –
What about an ability to heal?

Can we extend an olive branch to others
Rather than salvos of steel?

Unless we cultivate the path of peace
This planet shall become a vast cemetary.

Response –

Sounds nice, but its too ideal
the real world is based on military strength
& no one pays attention to nations
without bullets, oil, or steel.