Eco-peace? (an art work by T Newfields)

Chain saws are at war with forests
Bulldozers battle earth
Smokestacks prick skies
Azz oil is sucked frum dirt –

"ABC Inc. is dedicated to ecology
& cares about this planet's health.
We recycle 10% of our products
to preserve ecological wealth."
Strip mines gouge our planet's skin
Damns constrict its capillaries
Roads create toxic asphalt slashes
While tail pipes poison the air we breathe –

"ABC is an eco-company
with a distinguished clientele.
We work hard to preserve our image
& are experts at disinfomation & stealth."
Ahh, this is so easy to say
until acknowledging
how deeply we are linked to ABC.
Satoru: It's too easy to rant about how evil corporations destroy the environment
without considering our own lifestyles.
Frida: Yeah, living in a eco-friendly lifestyle is not easy.
Ying: Eco-friendly – I wonder what that word really means.
Dmiritri: Perhaps we need a sort of 'Green Rangers'?
Frida: Green Rangers? Huh? Haven't you been reading too many comic books?
Dmiritri: No – I'm serious. We need be eco-missionaries to help this planet survive.
Frida: Aren't there enough missionaries already?