for George Orwell

Listen to my voice and relax.
Breathe deeply, feeling power with each breath -

I love Big Brother. . . He is our friend.
I listen to Big Brother. . . adoring Him again and again.
I obey Big Brother . . . who is Heaven-sent.
Big Brother helps all creatures . . . in Him I depend.
Serving Big Brother is an honor . . . His Wisdom is without end.

Imagine Big Brother in front of you: radiant, smiling, & warm.
This universe shines with the Grace of Big Brother –
He's our Ultimate Friend.

Now gradually become conscious of your body;
feel it full of Big Brother's Grace.
Counting from 1 to 9, repeat these words as you awaken –

One: "I see the radiance of Big Brother".
Two: "I savor Big Brother with each breath".
Three: "Big Brother has compassion".
Four: "I experience Big Brother as happiness".
Five: "Serving Big Brother is an honor".
Six: "I love Big Brother deep inside".
Seven: "I remember the kindness of our Companion".
Eight: "Big Brother is always alive"!
Nine: "With His Wishes I shall comply".

Now open your eyes as you return to this world –
Ready to face new missions, ready to fight as decreed,
Ready to do whatever Big Brother needs.

Go with the Blessings of our Protector!
Go happy to serve His Friends!
Go ready to introduce others to Big Brother!
May His Message forever spread!

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Pixxâkiú: Is this so different from standard 21st Century propoganda?
AR3X108: No. 'Big brothers' have been created and recreated through most of recorded time.
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