to Promote Peace    

1. Require dominant males to wear
testosterone-reduction patches
to reduce aggression.

2. Make peace more profitable than war.

3. Educate people to value diversity.

4. Have political leaders
go through extensive counseling
prior to taking office.

5. Stop glamorizing war –
let people know how ugly it really is.

6. Wage virtual wars instead of real ones.
Winners get extra bonus points;
losers go on health food diets.

7. Train robots to take care of humans and
prevent them from hurting each other.

8. Strengthen the United Nations.

9. If all else fails, eliminate humans:
this planet would probably be safer
wihout them.

Satoru: Doesn't this seem cynical to you?
Ying: No. It seems realistic.
Dmiritri: Every utopian scheme has been tried so far. The sad truth is small-scale wars are profitable for a few - though many people suffer.
Satoru: Perhaps so, but with technological advances today, any so-called "small-scale" can quickly become large-scale.
Frida: Yep. I would be surprised if our species lasts more than a hundred years. We are too clever for our own good, and also too foolish for our long-term survival.