Frida: Profit is what drives all wars. Why be naive about it?
Dmiritri: If calculate the human price, I don't see how war can ever be profitable.
Frida: Well, rich executives and politicians make a killing, while ordinary citizens die.
What Profit? An art work by T Newfields created in 1972 in Newtown, PA, USA at George School

What Profit?

Is $elling weapon$
$o different frum wielding a knife?

Err marketing explo$ive$
yet another in$idiou$ way
ah taking life?

Is de$ig¥ing mi$$ile$
so different promoting terrori$m err $trife?

When will our violence cea$e
'n compassion begin?

Kan we ever $top profiting frum deäth
'n see all beings as kin?