Inner Warriors - an art work by T Newfields
We must all become warriors –
not just passive beings.

At some point we must assert our convictions
defending the values we wish to keep.

Each person has an invisible sword & armor
forged from their core beliefs:

One-pointed intention is the best sword
& zeal can run very deep

Defend thyself while seeking
opportunities for meaningful peace.

Be vigilant without becoming aggressive -
balance toughness with empathy.
Frida: (scratching her head) D'ya understand this?
Satoru: (yawning lazily) Nawh – saying everyone must be a warrior ignores the diversity of human dispositions, né?
Ying: (ignoring others) I like the way the author cautions about the use of power.
Frida: Indeed. How often do humans use power wisely?
Dmiritri: There's an irony here: those with real power seldom need to manifest it. Only at crucial moments is power needed.
Frida: (shrugging her shoulders) Hmm. Aren't most governments a systematic attempt to silence people's power?