Frida: (Spitting on the sidewalk.) Isn't naive to expect significant freedom in a world with so many billions of people?
Ning: (Pretending not to notice) Well, can any one person answer that question?
Frida: (ignoring Ning's comment) Freedom is a mirage – we are all slaves in some way or other.
Ning: (Deciding to short-circuit the whole conversation.) I hear that the weather will be cloudy today.
Dmiritri: (Attempting to rescue the conversation) Ah, yes – the weather!

Pseudo-Freedom - a graphic manipulation by T Newfields


When I support government policies
and avoid controversy
I seem "free"

When I don't worry
about injustice
or upset hegemonies
I appear to have liberty

if I question too much
or threaten existing elites
this mirage vanishes
the limits
soon become crystal clear
regarding how much
I can do or speak

If I persist any further
punishments merely increase

All people have
their breaking points
Yes –
I support the system!
Yes –
it's wonderful to be free!
Pseudo-Freedom - a graphic manipulation by T Newfields