Dmiritri: Who is the 'I' in this poem?
Frida: That's the sort of question for a high school literature class.
To me, a far more interesting question is why to some people march to the tune of such horrors.
Ying: To some degree, humans are carbon-based robots that can be programmed to do anything.
War Shadows - an art work by T Newfields War Shadows

I marched with Napoleon
across the plains of Russia
& rode with Genghis Khan
across fields where humans
were harvested easily like wheat

I advanced with Alexander
to the edges of known civilization
& sallied with Cortez
anywhere rumored to have gold

I followed the Führer
out of blind lust for battle
& supported Bush-Biden-Bin Laden
so vengance could unfold

Wherever you find mass graveyards
& places of bloody retribution
my stench will assault your nostrils.

The next time world leaders
churn out doggeral about
another 'just' conflict . . . how
easily will you be controlled?