Soldier in Iraq

Soldier in Iraq - a digital collage by T Newfields
Does it matter which color flag you followed
when your skeleton rots in the sand?

Does it matter which particular ideology you believed in
when maggots burrow into your hand?

Perhaps what matters is simple:
the person in the center of your rifle cross-hairs,
the child walking towards an immanent snare,
the families near a planned air raid,
are like you in all important ways.

Petty allegiances make ordinary people insane:
why can't we believe in deeper values,
and respect all members of the human race?

What matters is that we stop,
and ignore the rhetoric surrounding our ears.

We must understand that knee-jerk reactions
only lead to more bloodshed and fear.

When we look beyond dogmas, and actually begin to see,
so much suffering looms before us –
how many millions are living with shattered dreams?
Ying: The only way to have peace in Iraq is to divide the country along ethnic and religious lines: let the Sunnis, Shias, and Kurds each have their own independent states.
Frida: That would only foster further conflict because no one can agree where the boundary lines should be..
Dmiritri: (shrugging his shoulders) The Middle-East always has had – and will always have – conflicts. There's nothing we can do about it.
Satoru: How can you say that so nonchalantly?
Dmiritri: Well, when I look at the stars and start to remember how inconsequential humans are, I start to feel nonchalant about everything.