Dead Poems

Dead Poems - a graphic manipulation by T Newfields
dead poems argh unsuckciss-full at
tempts ta sing –
efforts at kommunication
resulting in f
even these can be revived –
through inspiration and konsideration
syntax changes
meanings rearrange
new tendrils e
merge frum old roots
as former konnections wit
her while new ones
thrive 'n hoot

Juanita: (shrugging his head) Hmm. This poem seems a bit dead to me.
Jack: Well, if you forget about meaning & just focus on the sound, it's okay . . .
Shu: (nodding) Yeah. Maybe we are too rigid about meaning. Jack Daniels and Jim Beam helped me realize that!
Ella: (shrugging her shoulders) How can we ever understand what authors say? At best, it seems that we only get brief glimpses. Most of the time, the world is opaque.