Exploring some figures of speech

Metaphors - a graphic manipulation by T Newfields

Doves & pigeons
share the same DNA
yet in the world of literature
they are as night and day.

Butterflies & moths
are cousins to our eyes
yet metaphorically
how far apart they lie!

Chimeras & gargoyles
are virtual twins
yet in so many books
they are merely distant kin.

Literature allows
imaginary forms to come alive
& metaphors are
creative building blocks
shaping the architecture of our minds.
Juanita: (yawning) I've heard this sort of stuff many times before.
Jack: (surprised) Why be so jaded about life?
Ella: (nodding to Jack) Yeah, poetry has its own distinct beauty.
Shu: (shaking his head) Gim'me a break! This is merely trash! Real poetry exists as transcendental awareness and words are merely dead shells.