Juanita: Is this an art work, poem, or Rorsharch test?
Shu: Perhaps all three.
Ella: As a poem, it's incomprehensible. As an art work, it looks like words streaming out ah sum arse.
Jack: Yar fer too anal, bloke! Fer me, I see ahh wunderful pair ah titties . . .
Juanta: Look closer – don't ya see mountains & a radiant sun?
Shu: Hmm. Isn't is just a google of "O" and "1"s?

Magic Words / Mots de Magie / Palabras de la Magia / Wšrter von Magie - an art work by T Newfields
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Copyright (c) 2001, 2012 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.
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