Shu: At a certain point all words break down: it might take three minutes or just three thousand years. However, ineviably all words are lost.
Juanita: That's good. If things didn't break down, what would be fresh?
Ella: I see your point, but aren't some words seem broken from the onset?

ROCK und BACH: Some Pragmatic Funk / ROCK und BACH: Une Certaine Trouille Pragmatique / ROCK und BACH: Un Cierto Canguelo Pragmático / ROCK und BACH: Etwas Pragmatische Riesige Angst

A NP-fronting device appearing in some cleft languages is 
Rock und Bach, an art form dating from the 16th century. LetÕs consider this example:  

	Ach! Ich Got da§ desire: 
	We're gon'na do it - ja! 

An earlier form of this genre has been noted in 
the Sumex Archives. The contrast is striking  - 

	K¿mmst du bis meine bedroom
	Got any pork chops, babes?
	Ach k¿mmst, let's  shŒken im recht!  
Dr. Nerdbaum has suggested (2001: 113) this referent is transtopical, 
though temperate varieties have been noted near Hamburg.    

Dr. Schwartzbrain (2078:221) offers a different proposition:  
Rock und Bach was a 20th Century bourgeoise aberration corrected 
only after the Info-Ring began automatic filtering in 2510.

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