The Art of Roasting

Poets are at their best when perfectly in
sane. Their insanity helps normal peo
ple see a little bit more straight.

Artists are inspired when t
hey go beyond what facades cl
aim; ordinary people are content with Mon
day mourning de-caf drinks.

The world is much wider than
we are taught to believe and in
this laife I've tasted but a few dr
ops ah Amazing Koffee -

Enough to know
what's within each being
contains plenty ah wal
lop 'n bliss if roasted
then cooled a bit to let
the flavor sink.

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Copyright (c) 1994, 2006 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.
Ella: Who's sane? Who's insane? There's something curiously political about that dichotomy.
Juanita: In fact, I'm not even sure that a dichotomy is warranted. I believe all of us navigate around a constantly changing spectrum of sanity/insanity.
Ella: Yeah, and unconsciously, most of us have a way of believing anything too far from our own views is insane. What I like about this poem is the way it points out how words can roast the soul. What is poetry but a fuel to ignite the mind?