Word Pearls

Tis werthe kultivatin dispission
'n nurturing pearls inside
wraiting often piques brain tissues
'n nutures the sacred eye.

Allow yer nacre to develop as
the sands ah experience smoothen
'n conchiolin hardens
'n characters accrete frum the detritus
ah sands Cuckmere Haven 'n many a beach..

How much can avitreous orbs express?
What do calcified fluids reveal?

Imperfect though tools ah writers be
tis worth striving fer kuncreteness, smoothness
'n clarity. Take time ta nurture thy pearls:
they ure gifts frum Gawd.

Patience kreates jewels
so aff you want luminosity
polish steadfastly.

Word Pearls / Perles De Mot / Perlas de la Palabra / Wort-Perlen - an art work by T Newfields
Jack: Not only does the author stand on uncertain theological ground, but he also seems unsure of basic human sensuality.
Juanita: How, precisely, should we 'polish oue pearls'? The author give no clear suggestion about that.
Ella: Poetry is not the best vessel for all ideas. This seems like a pseudo-poem. Still, I like its weirdness.