The Forest of Words- an art work by T Newfields

In the forest of words
countless life forms take shape.

Words nourish many creatures
and over time vast eco-systems of language
evolve and mutate.

All words feed off of each other
and silence is a primal bedrock
from which each word takes shape.

When entering semantic jungles
a degree of alertness is advised:

All too easily
words can seduce us
reduce us, or induce us
to buy-believe-sell-relieve
many flimsy things
through their hypnotic pleas . . .

Poetry in particular is
a venus-fly-trap
whose honeyed sweetness
sticks to neural tracks.
Juanita: (scratching her head) Doesn't this seem like an anti-poem?
Jack: I'm not sure, but the 'forest of literature' seems pretty crowded to me. And each work in that forest is heading towards obscurity.
Shu: (sighing) That's okay. Forests need to maintain a balance of growth and decay. Fear not – the compost from our consciousness influences others in countless unseen ways.