Jane: Ah, the author has a thing for out-of-date chauvinstic heros. Why else would he salute a paragon of feudalistic values such as Cervantes?
Jean: (scratching her head) Well, I am not sure this is a salute.
Jack: And isn't there something arrogant about addressing such literary giants? It's like a frog attempting to converse with the moon. . .
Jean: Well, the only way to understand something is to address it. I regard this as an attempt towards understanding rather than an actual "address".
Jack: (gazing at the ice cubes in his glass of Jack Daniels) I basically agree: to understand an author, each reader must learn to "speak" to that person in some way.

Letter to Cervantes

5th May 1587

Dear Miguel,

    Since you profess to be Christian, let me appeal to your conscience. Now that you have taken Catalina as bride, shouldn't your demeanor be más circunspecto? Recently I have heard rumors about a peasant maid you're consorting with & fear she'll cause you nothing but grief.
    No doubt all men are fools in some way, but don't be a wayward beast. I dare say you have a bright future if you can cauteloso en tus asuntos. Alas, we cannot live as heathens or consort with anyone we please. As servants of our loving Jesus (and gracious King) we must be clean in conscience.
    The lords at court will no doubt laugh at you and those in power consider you nothing but a buffoon. However, I know at least a part of you is heroic, so be resolute and gentlemanly rather than a target of lampoons. Do not fawn upon courtiers of sensibility: your misión is ultimately not of this world. Remember your brothers in the Order, and may conscience guide thee well. This world for the most part is nothing but grief, but soon enough the splendors of His True Kingdom will be seen!

– Timotei