Tribute to Cervantes

Tribute to Cervantes - an art work by T Newfields

Online Art
Why be captive to dreams
when imagination can be freed
from iron fetters?

Must we be obsessed
about Byzantine scripts
when facts are obvious?

Isn't truth at the edge of dreams
even if the donkeys of delusion are stubborn?

O Catalina!
¿Por qué estamos separados?
Must people appear as lunatics
in order to be sane?

Catalina sabe la respuesta.
I beg your forgiveness:
but wait –
is there a tavern
not far away?
Ella: What foolish bunk!
Juanita: Of course. To celebrate & laugh at the wondrous absurdity of life –
is that not a noble goal?
Shu: Ah, it's so easy to become enamored by windmills.