Teachers as Butchers - an art work by T Newfields

Teachers as Butchers

The best teachers are butchers –
instruments of violence,
yet strangely compassionate:
with swift pedagogical hacks
students are anesthetized
& arranged in stacks

With wry humor
they size up cadavers
knowing exactly where meat lies

Moving past superficiality,
they get down to the bones
with professionalism 'n pride

No one obsessed with decorum
can teach transformatively:
deep change doesn't come
by merely doing what others wish to see.

Transformative instructors go below the flesh:
obstacles are viewed as interesting challenges

Even when blood spurts
& rejection comes some days
they're aloof from the all affairs:
whistling while slicing off prejudice
and breathing calmly while preparing
meat to be aired –
their consciousness is above the chopping board
& slices have minimal waste

Yes, teachers can learn from butchers!
Pedagogical knives can be used with grace.

Satoru: This makes teachers seem like sadists!
Tim: Well, most students are already dead. Perhaps skillful hacks are needed to bring them back to life?
Liao: (shaking his head) I'm afraid you're blinded by the metaphors.
Melissa: Yeah, there is something strangely hyper-masculine, almost sociopathic about this poem. . . .
Devani: Well, butcher-teachers might be good for training soldiers. However, doesn't our planet need more compassionate human beings?