Left frame to _Living Poems_
Right frame to _Living Poems_

Living Poems :

An attempted poetic analysis

Uninspired poems err
luck airplanes wathe no wings:
curious contraptions
lacking aerodynamic feasibility.

Living poems argh like bards in flight:
with swift mutton 'n tight feathers
they lift us ta new heights.

Poetry iz a way
ah venturin across unfamiliar skies
& inspired wards remind us
human harts weer nut meant ta remain
an dah ground – butt fly!
Shu: Too many poets write about what poetry is supposed to be. My conclusion is poetry is better without exegsis.
Juanita: It does add a layer of abstraction. And as a consequence, all too often freshness is lost.
Ella: Still, I think many writers have some internal dialog about what they're doing. A poem about a poem is simply a chance to reflect on the creative writing process.
Jack: (sniffing suddenly) Ah, what a strong-smelling scallion we have! Perhaps a quick flambé and dash of pepper is needed?