Shu: Well, this is in the spirit of Joyce – though not the letter.
Juanita: I'm not sure about that. (sniffing in disdain) Seems like teen-age doggerel to me.


E'm gon'na widdle & sing ta ya' & woodle woo wid you, & let it sway till not one crock-eyed, pudding-mouthed Belfast mutation who claims to be a poet – & certainly no foolish lizard skinned grammarian who dials my ero-injection with the wrong number, then presses the entry buxom bottom button to maximum throttle, overloading semantic pissing systems & memory chips with hackneyed phrases & electro currents with pléaráca. Hé! The streets of Dublind argh alive! & robust canticlers still thrive! So keep yaer six-pence in yaer pants & re-joyce!
Homage to James Joyce - an art work by T Newfields