Useful Myths?

In Memory of Aldous Huxley (1894-1963)

Every day can be sunny.
It is always beautiful here.

I have no problems –
just learning opportunities.
Bliss is forever near.

I live without regrets in each moment
& am filled with energy & love.

There are no mistakes –
only chances to reconsider.

I’m grateful to all Alpha++
World Controllers

who enable those in utopia
to enjoy harmony & peace

thanks to the Directives
from Above.
Useful Myths? - an art work by T Newfields

Juanita: Well, if your speech is being monitored, isn’t this what would would say?
Jack: It depends on who is doing the monitoring.
Ella: (Sighing) All of us are being monitored.
That's a reality of Internet life.
Shu: So do you have anything significant to say?
Ella: (Surprised) Significant? If you want to hear something significant, read Adi Shankara’s Upadeśasāhasri. Compared to that, I merely offer trash.