What teachers generally tell students –
This essay isn't typed correctly.
Those letters should be capitalized.
Ha, parts of this are plagiarized!
This paragraph needs development.
Uh, I'm afraid this is going nowhere . . .

Things we probably ought to say –
Keep exploring your ideas – wrestle with them patiently.
Surface mechanics can be handled later – focus more on the content now.
Read a bit more, then compare your ideas with others.
Revise fearlessly: gradually your words will shine.
Writing is a journey, not a destination – so keep at it.

Tim: There's probably very little we can meaningfully say to most students.
Liao: Yep! Moreover, most of the time students aren't even listening. Repeating the same stuff over and over gets frustrating.
Satoru: I suspect most folks don't want to hear the truth about their writing. If we were fully honest, I'm afraid most people would stop writing entirely since 95% of our words are essentially trash.
Melissa: Be careful about comments like that. It's arrogant for any person to claim to know "the Truth." Moreover, the notion of what is "trash" is highly subjective.