Streams of Knowledge - an art work  by T Newfields
Melissa: Streams of knowledge? All I see is a kaleidoscope. Where's the "knowledge"?
Tim: Think of each image as a Rorschach test – what we see reflects who we are.
Satoru: What's knowledge but structured information? Centuries ago great thinkers suggested knowledge had an actual form – every object in the universe "speaks" in its own way.
Melissa: (shaking her head) Sounds like metaphysical nonsense!
Liao: The only true nonsense is believing our senses: they are liars. As Plato points out, we perceive limited information through the senses. Sensory information is akin to shadows on the wall of a cave.
Melissa: (growing impatient) Ha, why waste time on such metaphysical talk?
Tim: (sighing) Ah. Well. Ahmm. Just enjoy the art.