Liao: Aren't we too fascinated with techology?
Satoru: Perhaps. Today many people are more intimate with their gadgets than they are with each other: it's a sad state of affairs.
Tim: Isn't the best technology the human brain? Consciousness is far deeper than we imagine.
Melissa: The brain is no longer in our heads – it's inside information networks. More often than not, what's inside people's heads is curiously "brainless".
Liao: Inside and outside – they're extensions of each other. Why create any seperation?
PLATO-700 - an art work by T Newfields

No question about it:
these neural implants are first-rate.

They access huge data banks in nanoseconds
& filter out noise automatically.

Imagine the knowledge of this planet in your small cranium
available at lightening speeds.

Imagine knowing far more than any ordinary human has imagined
and filtering out trash you don't need.

Ready for a hook up?
Let our system guide you.

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Satoru: (laughing) What education "really means"?
Tim: (nodding) Well, I can tell you the answer to that in a single word: money.