Applied Linguistics - an art work, quasi-poem, & pseudo-dialog by T Newfields


Looking at her NP traces
and pronominals of intimacy
I felt unfamiliar word clauses
governing my heart, but resisted -
ahh, the agony of theories!


Even though her applications were restricted
and the generative possibilities were less than limitless
soon we began of series of transformations
in which my NP clause was inserted
into a postnomial antecedent:
to my surprise, the result was a meaningful sentence.


She was positively polyphonical!
Still, I didn't mind:
the English language has been murdered so much
that lexical butchery is no longer a crime.

her deep structures
were unexposed
and that syntactic climax was a possibility
I mounted her primary clause in two semantic splits.
Ah - the joys of proverbial fronting!