Daiki: (perplexed) Doesn't the author seem almost jesting?
An-Yi: Well, humor is like a salt that helps us digest past hardships.
Bhäraté: (pausing, then spitting) Maybe some hardships should not be digested – they should rot in our stomaches, lest we forget the pain.
Chariya: (nodding) Yeah, we should not forget war has a bitter flavor.

Nagasaki - an art work by T Newfields


There's an ancient ginkgo tree,
vibrant now with verdant leaves,
near a pile of scattered debris,
created another time in history.

From the rubble of this dust heap,
life triumphs as fresh tendrils rise
in a redolent summer breeze.

Nagasaki: just an ordinary city of medium size?
Or testament that, despite many obstacles,
the human spirit manages to thrive?