In God We Trust - an art work and poem by T Newfields
Kris: The living Jesus? Umm, didn't he die two around thousand years ago?
Tim: (half-listening while gazing at the sky) For some people he's alive – for others people he's dead. Does that make any sense?
Terri: (ignoring the conversation and gazing at her milkshake) This I do know: too many Americans have guns at their hips – it's an unwholesome fetish!
Ted: (briefly gazing at his watch, then continuing with a shooter game on his cellphone) Yep. They also haf a need to identify "bad guys" ta make themselves seem legit. The nation's leadership has a sort of "Gunsmoke" mentality. That's inappropriate for the 21st Century.
Sam: (yawning) Yer rhetoric bores me. If you haven't met Jesus, no talk about Him will make sense. If you have, then you don't need any convincing. Hey dudes – how 'bout a channel switch?