Cowboy Terrorism - an art work & poem by T Newfields
Sam: What's dis guy whining about? His poems seem like one mass litany against America.
Ted: (nodding) Yeah, the guy wrote better stuff about computers. His anti-American rhetoric izz grating.
Tim: Well, it's a good contrast to most yippie-hi-hoo yankee-doodle-dandy crap . . .
Terri: In some way or other people have to learn to live with the Beast that America represents. Forget about pipe dreams ah utopia – the real world is never clean. In that sense, it's very human.
Kris: At times I think America reflects the best and the worst in human nature: it's a nation of extremes. Extreme wealth coexists with abject poverty. Many precious freedoms coexist with police-state gulags and nearly 1% of the population is in prison.
Tim: The Japanese understood their devils well. From their perspective, even though devils are warped and twisted, they still have a touch ah compassion. Nothing is completely polarized. We can learn from that perspective.
Sam: (shaking his head while laughing) Man, youz full ah sheet!