Sam: You know, this kind of protest does no good . . . it just makes the author look stupid and the things that he protests seem all the better.
Kris: I agree it's in bad taste. It's easy to desecrate a symbol, but often that backfires. When you attack symbols, it simply polarizes people further.
Terri: (shaking her head in disagreement) I see as a viable, non-violent way of venting anger. When millions of flag-waving Americans tacitly accept the torture and murder done by Imperial America across the planet, it makes me furious. What surprises me is that more people aren't protesting.
Tim: (laughing) Hey, maybe you don't realize how superfluous you are. You do not matter a single iota. If you want to make a fool of yourself by protesting, who cares?
Kris: A thing to remember is that people are not their actions. No matter how angry we feel about a given action, we shouldn't feel hatred towards any person. The real challenge is to love even when angry, and that's seldom easy.
One View of America - an photo  of T Newfields (1980)