Is This How Most Wars Begin?

Economy a bit slow?
Population too high?
Domestic criticisms mounting?
Political unity out of stride?

Don't worry –
Politicians have known
since ages old
the best solution
to internal problems
are external scapegoats.

Find some country to invade
while mentioning patriotism
& holding parades.

With proper manipulation
& enough disinformation
the majority
can be geared for war.

Invent a plausible context;
any excuse will do:
reasons won't matter
if profits come through

There's nothing like a wonderful war
to unite a country
& make people feel
life's worth dying for.
Another Lovely War - an art work by T Newfields
Sam: Is this how most wars begin?
Terri: (covering her mouth) I’m not sure. Maybe multiple causes exist.
Kris: Maybe so, but with nuclear weapons this formula no longer seems viable – it's all too easy to destroy all human life.
Tim: Yeah, we need more more wisdom and compassion.
Ted: (cynically) Or else something better than mere humans. The homo sapien brain evolved to function in small tribal groups, not mega-populations exceeding one billion.